Wood Veneer
Nom du produit
Wood Veneer
Goldray Glass
Le verre architectural
Verre décoratif
Revêtement mural
Revêtement mural décoratif et Éléments architecturaux décoratifs
Produit du bois
Types de verre
Caractéristiques techniques
Résistant à l'usure

Architectural laminated glass with a wood veneer interlay offers the alluring ambiance without the splitting, warping, or cracking that comes with using real wood. The laminating process structurally bonds together the wood veneer interlayer between two or more layers of glass turning it into a form of secure architectural glass often referred to as "safety glass". This means that, if damaged, broken fragments adhere to the interlayer instead of falling out reducing the risk of injury.

The finest and rarest logs are sent to companies to produce these veneers. The result is beautiful but on its own, not always practical for areas that require regular cleaning and maintenance.

Glass is a non-porous surface so it does not attract bacteria and mildew because they have nowhere to hide. Contrary to real wood, laminated glass with a wood veneer is a functional and attractive alternative in high traffic space and areas where design flexibility is desired.

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