Weatherproof Pool Towel Cabinets and Return Cart Enclosures

Weatherproof Pool Towel Cabinets and Return Cart Enclosures
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Weatherproof Pool Towel Cabinets and Return Cart Enclosures
Tom Boyce
United States
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Custom Weatherproof Spa, Pool, Resort Fixtures
Recycled Plastic Lumber, marine anodized aluminum, 316-stainless steel

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DeepStream has been tailoring custom weatherproof pool towel cabinets and return cart enclosures for Disney Resorts and other high-volume accounts for years.  Whether you are specifying a new high-volume cart especially for your project, or need us to craft a cabinet for your existing carts, we can accommodate your needs quickly and cost-effectively delivering the lowest lifetime cost for both you and the environment.

While we have built many enclosures and cabinets of natural tropical hardwood, we implore you to use environmentally friendly recycled plastic lumber (RPL). Using RPL along with our proprietary structural anodized aluminum extrusions mean your fixtures really need no maintenance. They can even be pressure cleaned, as there is no paint or powder coating to fail. We employ both active and passive corrosion resistance techniques as used by aluminum yachts and ships for oceanfront locations.

 Your guests will also appreciate your choice, as it reduces the destruction of the World’s tropical rainforests, slowing climate change and preserving habitat for vanishing species, while helping to build a commercial market for recycled plastic. DeepStream makes it easy to reduce your carbon footprint as, for every product DeepStream's American craftsmen create for our clients using wood or recycled plastic lumber, we plant between 50 and 100 trees in their honor through the amazing grassroots Trees For The Future program that changes lives by planting trees.  We will provide you with a certificate of your participation.

If you do order your custom fixtures in tropical hardwood, rest assured that, unlike fixtures relying on traditional carpenter-built techniques, DeepStream's frame system ensures that they will last for decades and not waste this precious resource by falling apart in 3 - 5 years. In fact, DeepStream has a Lifetime Structural Warranty, and each part is replaceable at factory-direct cost should it become damaged, even by a hurricane.  Recycled plastic lumber has a 50-year limited manufacturer's warranty as it is UV-proof HDPE and won’t fade or chip.

Custom design solutions, not prices.  One solution or 100, there is never a custom fee. Contact Sheila at (305) 857-0466 or to collaborate on designs, and receive a quick quote.

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