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Entro offers design services in branding, wayfinding, signage, environmental graphics, exhibit design, and media architecture. Design­ing a wayfind­ing system is the process of defin­ing path and place, creating a system that supports a user’s abil­ity to navi­gate the built envi­ron­ment easily, effi­ciently, and confi­dently with signs, direc­to­ries, charts, maps and archi­tec­tural treat­ments. 
Our process involves strate­gic plan­ning and an in-depth analy­sis of condi­tions, as part of the devel­op­ment of a wayfind­ing methodology. With consid­er­a­tion for the human factor (the way people apply their psycho­log­i­cal skills of percep­tion, cogni­tion and motor behav­ior to navi­gate envi­ron­ments), we develop wayfind­ing solu­tions and strate­gies that help improve people’s abil­ity to orient them­selves in unfa­mil­iar places. 
Wayfinding design includes study­ing circu­la­tion flows and patterns, signage place­ment, messag­ing content, graphic and industrial design, including mounting methods and architectural integration. 


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