VISS Curtain walls and roof lights

VISS Curtain walls and roof lights
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VISS Curtain walls and roof lights
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Building on the benefits of steel

Jansen VISS (a fully insulated glazing system) is a thermally insulated steel system for mullion/transom constructions. Many different types of façade can be built using a small number of modular components. The specific requirements of a given project can then be met by adding extra system components. A range of profiles with different basic depths and/or internal reinforcing options are available to meet structural requirements; there is also a choice of appropriate accessories and infill panels to suit different functions. The external appearance of the façade remains unaffected.

Architects and planners are able to meet a range of thermal insulation, noise reduction and fire protection requirements while retaining a uniform appearance. The small number of individual components facilitates warehouse storage and means that fabricators are soon familiar with the products. Various structural systems can be used to calculate the dimensions of steel façades (freely suspended, clamped on one side or continuous beams). Top and bottom fixing plates for building structure attachments can be easily and safely welded in place.

Profiles with face widths of 50 and 60 mm and depths up to 150 mm are available for the inner load-bearing structure. They can be welded on or fitted. Welded constructions mean that prefabrication in the workshop is an option even for large façades and roof glazing. Precision manufacture of complex units and unusual shapes is possible, and stick constructions can be made quickly and safely using T-cleats. These fabrication methods can also be combined.

Profiles are available in sheet metal or in pre-galvanised steel strips. A wide range of colour options in wet and powder coating are available to the planner.

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