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VIFRESH: EASY. INVISIBLE. FRESH The innovative ViFresh technology combines a fresh fragrance and hygienic toilet care in one novel system. It is based on a simple principle: place a conventional fragrance block or gel in the integrated and almost invisible compartment in the WC water inlet. Each flush distributes a controlled quantity of active ingredients throughout the toilet bowl together with a fresh fragrance. ViFresh technology combines a fresh fragrance and cleaning action in a very user-friendly system. ViFresh ist Available for the Vivia Standard and Subway 2.0 Standard wall-mounted toilets.

HYGIENE The optimum solution for combining the latest toilet technology (DirectFlush) with a rim-block. VieFresh guaranteed clean freshness with a highly efficient flush, even with an economical water volume of 4.5/3 l. Rim block compartment integrated inconspicuously in the ceramic. Blocks and gels can be replaced or refilled without having to touch unhygienic areas such as the toilet bowl or rim. With each flush, a constant amount of cleaning product is released, regardless of when the flush was last activated. Two different holders (one for rim-blocks, the other for gels) for optimum dosage.

SIMPLE HANDLING ViFresh works with standard products available from any supermarket. The compartment ist difficult for children to access and provides security. The holder is easy to clean, simply rinse it under running water.

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