Vicentina Cenere

Vicentina Cenere

Vicentina - The next icon of ceramics

Different sizes, different thicknesses, suitable for indoor and outdoor use for walls, floors, counter tops and tables.
The qualities of Vicentina Cenere, its delicate nuances that move the surface offering imperceptible chromatic detachments within the same shade develop on different sizes and thicknesses for Terratinta Ceramiche. The uniqueness of Vicentina Cenere lies in the harmonious graphics, rich in hues, a faithful reproduction of the original stone, the Pietra of Vicenza, whose ancient characteristic elements can be glimpsed. The same peculiarities are also poured on large size. With the 6 mm thickness and 120x280 cm size slabs and the 12 mm thickness in 160x320 cm size, apt for counter tops, Vicentina Cenere offers strength, lightness, flexibility and ductility. Large slabs that reduces the presence of joints and interruptions in projects, versatile for every need.

The Vicentina Cenere slab in 160x320 is reinforced with fiberglass to allow both horizontal and vertical installation, to create kitchen tops and accessories. With the 160x320cm size, washbasins, bathrooms, doors and furnishings can be completely tailor made. The 160x320cm slab can be used as a work surface for tables and kitchen worktops for 360 degrees of customization. The collection is further enriched with a 80x80cm size presented with a vintage edge, giving an antique look to the surface of the tile, in addition to a complete series of waterjet decors created with a perfect blend of finishes: Vicentina Cenere matt and Marmo Apuano honed.

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