Vertigo is a family of chandeliers and wall sconces that thrives on contrasts, combining dynamism and symmetry, delicacy and power. Its original vertical thrust is attenuated by the radial extension of the arms, softly opening like petals. The main decorative feature, which gives the collection its name, is the spiral motif that wraps the arms and opens in the uppermost part, accentuating its shape.

Completely crafted by hand, it reveals the great skill of the glassmaker to create a very complex, detailed yet perfectly regular arrangement of curves. The light source, wrapped by this painstakingly decorated chalice, is also enclosed by another cup that flares upward. The central body reprises the paced alternation of oblong and flared forms, with different proportions. At the same time, it displays the continuous interpenetration of Venetian crystal and metal, for both structural and decorative purposes. The result is a rigorous aesthetic of forceful, seductive character, pervaded by sophisticated grace. 

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