Variegated Glaze by Royce Wood Studio

Royce Wood Tiles Ltd
Variegated Glaze by Royce Wood Studio
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Variegated Glaze by Royce Wood Studio
Royce Wood Tiles Ltd
United Kingdom
Carreaux de mur en terre cuite
Carreaux de sol en terre cuite
Pavés en terre cuite

Royce Wood Studio is a centre of excellence for its unique variegated glazes. Increasingly The company is being sought by architects and developers to create stunning variegated glazes for building facades using terracotta rainscreen cladding. Royce Wood is the leading UK company for the creation and development of a unique range of variegated glaze finishes designed to add extra special interest to interior and exterior projects. Recently Royce Wood created the new sculptured tiles to adorn the famous Rovers Return for ITV Studios.

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