Valentina Outdoor

Valentina Outdoor
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Valentina Outdoor
Alejandra Gandía-Blasco Lloret
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A powerful jolt of colour for an outdoor relaxation area, with a look that are laid back and casual yet elegant at the same time. This is the kind of setting that can be created with Valentina Outdoor, a collection that more than any other is the most authentic expression of the Diabla style. Conceived for enjoying the outdoors in an informal way with its ground level chairs and loungers that allow multiple combinations and improvised uses.

Designing a seat using just two cushions was the challenge that Valentina Outdoor collection designer Alejandra Gandía-Blasco Lloret set herself as a starting point. The aim was to fix the cushions together using as few elements as possible and with one of them standing upright. So, using only two cushions plus a lightweight and practically invisible structure of steel rods, the original idea ended up producing not only a seat but also a double sofa and a lounger, all in a decidedly informal, casual style. They are joined by a matching low side table.

To stop the cushions slipping and coming apart, they’re fixed together with an invisible camouflaged zipper. Both are attached to the metal rod structure by another zipper so the whole thing stays fixed in place. The cushions are made from a special hard-wearing outdoor fabric and the covers are removable. This means they can be washed easily or swapped for a set in another tone from the choice of colours in the Valentina Outdoor range.

The collection includes a lounger, a floor level individual armchair and another raised one, a double sofa and a side table. Shortly more raised elements will be added.

Year: 2018

Designed by: Alejandra Gandía-Blasco Lloret

Material: Thermo-lacquered stainless steel rod.

Foam rubber polyurethane with filling visco-elastic covered with waterproof fabric. Removable fabric cover.

Powder coated iron rod.


Armchair 70x90x80 cm (27’’x35’’x32’’)

Table for armchair 60x55x24 cm (24’’x22’’x9’’)

Chaiselogue 67x168x50 cm (26”x66”x20”),

Sofa 70x90x70 cm (29”x35”x27’’),

Double Sofa 140x90x70 cm (55”x35”x27”)

Table 60x55x16 cm (23”x22”x5’’).

Plain Fabric Colours: White, red, grey, anthracite, blue, mustard, bronze, sand.

Urban Fabric Colours: Red, mustard, violet blue, optical blue, Capri blue, ocean blue, lime green and mint green.

Frame Colours: White and red.

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