the SolarMax 8MT2

the SolarMax 8MT2

The new SolarMax 8MT2 string inverter specifically developed for smaller PV plants is available now and already certified with the G83/1-1 certificate for easy and quick connection to the public grid in UK. Biel, August 2012: The Swiss inverter manufacturer Sputnik Engineering complements its successful SolarMax MT series by adding the new 8MT2 string inverter with an output power of 8kW. The three-phase inverter is particularly suitable for flexible use in the field for detached houses and multiple dwellings.

This way, the SolarMax MT series now offers a comprehensive portfolio that can be used to perfectly implement both small domestic plants and decentralised large-scale plants. The MT range now comprises four MT2 models (8, 10, 13, and 15kW output) with two MPP trackers in each case; the two MT3 inverters (13 and 15kW) with three MPP trackers in each case complete the MT family.

For private domestic plants, the module strings must often be distributed in an asymmetrical manner due to multiple orientation roofs. This normally results in one large and one or several small module fields. Quite often, module areas are also partially shadowed by roof architecture or antennae. The new 8MT2 stands out from the other inverters of the MT series due to the fact that its two trackers are designed asymmetrically. This way, for example, the tracker with the higher input current can be connected to a large solar generator with uniformly oriented modules thus optimising the main yield of the plant. For this, there are two string connections. The second tracker with only one string connection is used for smaller module fields and/or module fields that are partially shaded or orientated differently, for example.

"At the beginning of 2012 we already presented three MT2 inverter models first and foremost standing the test for decentralised commercial and industrial large-scale plants with homogeneous solar generator," says Olaf Geistlinger, senior Product Manager for the SolarMax string inverters. "However, since private PV plants normally must meet different requirements, the new 8MT2 offers the tried and tested performance of the MT series paired with high levels of flexibility, as required by the design of plants on detached houses and multiple dwellings."

The light and compact design, as well as the easily accessible connections allow for quick and simple installation. With high efficiencies of up to 98%, the MT series stands for the highest Swiss Quality and is based on more than 20 years of experience in the fields of inverter development and manufacture.

The SolarMax MT inverters meet all currently applicable standards and grid connection directives. The "Engineering Recommendation G83/1-1" – a directive published by the Energy Networks Association (ENA) – contains recommendations for the connection of inverters to the public low voltage grid. Inverters commissioned in UK with the G83/1-1 certificate must not exceed an output current threshold of 16 amperes. The SolarMax 8MT2 device meet this requirement.

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