Tensyon System - Accessories for Glass Facades

Nuova Oxidal
Tensyon System - Accessories for Glass Facades
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Tensyon System - Accessories for Glass Facades
Nuova Oxidal
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A truly innovative point-by-point no hole support system for glass panes ideal in a wide range of applications, including monolithic, layered or double-glazed panes. The need to absorb the shifts elicited in glass panes is met by intercalating plastic elements between metal supports and glass panes. Fixing through adjustable bolts, or joints , allows both axial and rotation movements, while eliminating the inconvenience of holes and tempering. The result is a signifcant cost reduction, making point-by-point facades affordable for lower budgets. The absence of holes also eliminates one of the major limits of point-by-point support: its diffcult application in case of double-glazing, now a must given the growing focus on responsible energetic effciency in buildings and structures. The same problem is also eliminated in case of photovoltaic surfaces and in the integration of components within glass panes. Through a project conceived from the start through accurate structural simulations with fnished elements and clearcut requirement performance charts, we have achieved truly high resistance levels for all components. Each support can tolerate weights up to approximately 2000N with minimum deformation and the highest safety.

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