Tavego® floors

Tavego® floors
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Tavego® floors
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Sustainability Marlegno uses wood that comes only from PEFC certified forests, which guarantee a forest management that respects biodiversity requirements, development of the economic chain, regeneration capacity and maintenance of biological functions. Furthermore, wood is an extremely beneficial material because every cubic meter can store up to 2 tonnes of CO2, subtracting them to the environment.

Local raw materials Marlegno offers the possibility to build structures with wood coming from Italian forests as close as possible to its establishment. In this way it contributes to the development of the local business sector and drastically reduces energy costs associated with transportation.

Prefabrication The production of Tavego® requires only mechanical connections with wooden or metal elements, carried out with simple equipment and with very low energy consumption (for example, the absence of glues means that no presses are used). The use of prefabricated elements also helps to increase quality controls into the establishment and to transform the construction site in a simple assembly site, reducing on-site operations and timing.

Healthiness Tavego® is an innovative construction system for indoor spaces: the absence of synthetic glues for production and assembly of panels means a better health condition of the interior spaces for buildings, due to the lack of harmful products such as formaldehyde.

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