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ShadeCraft Revolutionizes Life Outdoors with Intelligent Robotics Announcing Pre-orders for the World’s First Intelligent Robotic Shade, SUNFLOWER, in Strategic Partnership with HARMAN International

CES/Las Vegas, NV, (Jan 9, 2018) - LA-based robotics startup ShadeCraft, the pioneer of intelligent, autonomous outdoor living solutions, announces pre-orders for the world’s first intelligent shading system, SUNFLOWER. Limited quantity orders will be accepted beginning today, January 9, 2018 at Sands #41331.

SUNFLOWER is the world’s first robotic shading system that tracks the sun and connects consumers to the Internet of Things (IoT) through artificial intelligence (AI) integration and voice activation features. SUNFLOWER’s premiere audio sound and voice experiences are both enhanced by Harman/Kardon’s impeccable audio and far-field voice input technologies.

SUNFLOWER tracks the sun using solar power for automation, AI and IoT connectivity. The 10- foot high robot and design award winner uses a multitude of sensors to collect data, operate autonomously and enhance the user’s experience in real time. Consumers for the first time will reduce the clutter outdoors with SUNFLOWER, with its integrated audio, voice, connectivity, device charging and autonomous movement features that need no assistance.

With the market for smart home products estimated to reach the $14 trillion mark by 2022, ShadeCraft is dedicated to improving human life outdoors through its robotic concepts. SUNFLOWER has already generated worldwide attention and ShadeCraft plans to produce other products like SUNFLOWER for both the general consumer and B2B, and public sectors.

The intelligent, voice-enabled system, will be custom designed by HARMAN International, a leading voice and audio company. The system will enable users to communicate with popular AI assistants, and allow SUNFLOWER to be utilized as an intercom solution for indoor/outdoor communication in the home, or could enable hospitality venues to interact with their guests with on-demand voice ordering functionality. The implications are limited only by the imagination.

A seasoned entrepreneur, founder and CEO Armen Gharabegian is focused on changing the way consumers think about living in their outdoor spaces. He comments, “We first announced SUNFLOWER at CES 2017 and are thrilled to deliver on our promise to go to market in 2018.”

Gharabegian continues, “We felt that in order to introduce consumers to the concept of robotic objects co-existing in their environment, we needed to establish an identifiable and iconic object. Although we have developed a whole series of robotic solutions for shade and other functions, with more to be announced in the near future, we believed that SUNFLOWER meets the customers’ needs and desires.”

With regard to consumers’ excitement about SUNFLOWER being an umbrella, Gharabegian adds, “Although design is extremely important, we believe intelligence is necessary to transform objects into the future. We are to umbrellas as self-driving cars are to the horse and wagon.”

ShadeCraft has chosen audio & voice leader HARMAN International as its exclusive partner. HARMAN will provide the premium Harman/Kardon audio system for music and entertainment, as well as their Sonique far-field voice input technology for a fully-featured, voice-user experience. The company will work with ShadeCraft on all of its products.

Dave Rogers, President of HARMAN’s Lifestyle Audio SBU comments, “We are delighted to partner with ShadeCraft on this unique device. We are confident that the voice and audio systems will deliver an amazing user experience. Together with Armen and his talented team, we’re excited to bring robotic solutions to market and to change the way people experience their outdoor spaces.”

SUNFLOWER pre-orders go live today, January 9, 2018, and will be available exclusively on the company’s website ( through March 30, 2018.

Experience SUNFLOWER at CES: Sands 41331

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