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Zucchetti R&D department
Zucchetti. Kos
Robinets de salle de bains
Robinets de lavabo
Éléments de cuisine
Robinets de cuisine

Designed by Zucchetti R&D department SUN is an easy collection. Easy forms which stem from the primary nature of these products' intrinsic function; easy production because the components are the result of fusions; easy to use because SUN's pure lines are mindful of functional ergonomics.But that's not all. This is a Made in Italy collection of design objects: their simple form has been studied to adapt to any bathroom ambience. Ample reflecting surfaces and a strategic play of rounded geometries characterise a collection that is dedicated to a comprehensive spectrum of public taste. This collection pays attention to details. Less elements in sight for aesthetic and functional excellence. This collection respects green values and has reduced flow capacity. SUN enriches Zucchetti's basic line with design functionality and detail.

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