Stair Railing - CELLON®

Stair Railing - CELLON®

Bruag CELLON® panels come with a choice of custom or standard perforation patterns and colors or a natural finish. Precise laser cutting allows for free contour and soft edges according to the submitted CAD data and perforations can run smoothly across multiple panels. Perforated CELLON® boards from Bruag are excellent for use as full-height stair protection. They guarantee protection from falling and still allow plenty of light into the staircase. Perforated interior panels help to improve room acoustics.

10 mm CELLON® Banister

CELLON® banisters are suitable for delicate perforations, showing off the patterns to their best advantage. However, this makes an additional solid wood or metal structure necessary. It can be a frame in which the panels are used as infill or supporting posts and a handrail.

Panel Connections

12 mm steel bolts can be integrated into the front of the panel at the joints for elements made from several parts of CELLON®. This ensures that the panels are level.

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