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Sofra and Stool
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Ananas Woodworking
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Adopting a different design approach to built-in and modular furniture production and offering design-oriented wooden furniture manufacturing services for architectural and interior design projects, Ananas Woodworking has recently introduced two series inspired by the Anatolian table culture: Sofra and Stool. 

Serving as a wood workshop with its young and dynamic team with great design and production skills, Ananas Woodworking launched its series Sofra and Stool for design enthusiasts. Inspired by the Anatolian culture, the series Sofra and Stool were handcrafted based on the ethnic forms and spirit of the eastern culture.

The series Sofra, which was inspired by the floor tables in our traditional culture, was designed in two different sizes by considering different uses. Designers, who create different spaces for the user with products that enable the user to experience the floor tables in the Anatolian culture and that can also be used as a coffee table or side table, offer metal trays in two different colors: silver and gold. The Stool series, which include Orient, Buka, and Bookworm, can be used as a stool or side table in the bathroom, bedroom, doorway, or sitting area or as a bedside table.

The legs of the Sofra series and Orient, Bookworm, and Buka (stool) are made by turning solid cedar woods on a lathe. As the raw material of both series, cedar adds a unique smell and spirit to both series. Cedar, which grows in the Taurus Mountains, is also a fragrance ingredient. As a result, two new-generation series that charm the user with the cracks on their legs, the age rings on their upper surfaces, and their unique smells emerge.

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