Sivoia QS is the next generation of shading technology from Lutron, and the ideal solution for total light control. The Sivoia QS shading product family includes roller blinds, curtain tracks, and skylight blinds. Its simplified wiring and common communication language allow for easy integration with Lutron lighting controls.

Serena and Sivoia QS Triathlon are roller blinds powered by standard batteries. Serena works in stand-alone mode, while Sivoia QS Triathlon works in an integrated manner with Lutron’s complete solution for natural light and artificial lighting control. In both cases, the blinds can be operated using at the touch of a wireless control which is extremely easy to use.

Quiet electronic drives operate blinds smoothly and in precise alignment.

The Lutron electronic drive unit (EDU) optimizes blind and curtain adjustments through programmable presets that you save and recall from an intuitive keypad.

Simplified installation: The shading systems can be configured and reprogrammed at the point of control without any rewiring, without access to the EDU, and without the use of a group controller. The mounting brackets allow an installer to adjust the blind’s level, projection, and side-to-side position, all after the blind has been installed.

-Sivoia QS Triathlon blinds are available as roller blinds and insulating honeycomb blinds. Thet are offered in a vdry wide rande of colours, finishes and fabrics (sheer, translucent, blackout) thus allowing to harmonize them with any environment, space or activity

-Clear Connect RF technology which allows a wireless use of all the Sivoia QS Triathlon blinds on a frequecy range free of all interferences with other wireless products -new Battery Boost technology (see “What is the innovation as to your previous collection?”) -quiet electronic drives operate blinds smoothly and in precise horizontal alignment of all the blinds -perfect integration with the complete Lutron solution for natural light and artificial lighting control

- new Sivoia QS Triathlon WIDR roller shades – large, battery-powered, wireless-controlled shades available from 0.5m wide x 0.3m tall, up to 3.65m wide x 3.65m tall, providing smooth, quiet, precise and convenient daylight control for large windows – without any wiring. These shades offer industry-leading long-lasting battery performance (new Battery Boost option) and clean, elegant aesthetics. These shades can be part of a HomeWorks QS system, operated by keypads or using the Lutron iOS/Android app, or they can form a simple stand-alone system controlled by a simple remote control - Lutron’s new Battery Boost technology increases up to +80% the duration of the use of standard batteries used in the Serena and Sivioa QS Triathlon blinds thanks to an innovation which allows to better balance and distribute the energy consumption among all batteries. This technology is available on all the products on the range above a 96cm width.

For more information: -fascia have the same height as products already exisiting in the same range, they are covered with the same fabrics and finishes as the blinds, and are slightly deeper to enable a perfect recessed mount

- Ultra-quiet electronic drive: Our quiet electronic drive operates roller blinds and curtains at a near-silent level rated at 38 dBA at 3 ft (1 m) (roller 20™ operates at 44 dBA and roller 300™ operates at 50 dBA). - Blinds start, move, and stop in unison, maintaining perfect alignment with each other (within 3.17 mm) - Minimal, symmetrical 19 mm light gaps ensure maximum window coverage

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