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SIPARIO design: Makio Hasuike & Co.

The kitchen environment is a place where people share and enjoy each other's company. Like in a theatrical representation the art of cooking is a performance. The stage is imposing, compact, equipped for preparation and cooking. The curtain is a wall cabinet with glass shelves and integrated lighting. The scenery is completed with the tall units and kitchen island. Built-in appliances create a compact design, respecting the double depth of the tall units. The show begins, actors and audience are both protagonists, involved in the representation of the preparation, cooking and taste.

The kitchen is in FENIX NTM® grigio bromo on plywood supporting panel, with countertop in stainless steel and breakfast table in FENIX NTM® Grigio Bromo.

Makio Hasuike & Co. The Studio Makio Hasuike & Co, founded in Milan in 1968 by the Japanese designer Makio Hasuike, is one of the first Industrial Design practices in Italy. Makio Hasuike & Co. can boast long-lasting collaborations with Italian and foreign companies and undeniably successful projects, testifying to the great respect gained over the years and to the contribution given by design. Makio Hasuike & Co.’s work is recognisable for its reliability, professionalism and the ability of developing the project and assisting the customer until the achievement of the targets set. The search for new aesthetic solutions is targeted to the customer’s specific requirements and therefore intimately connected with the project’s strategic value, supported by evaluations concerning technical, production and marketing feasibility. In over 45 years of activity numerous projects has been developed for several Italian and international companies, in various fields, contributing to their success through design solutions that are innovative in terms of appearance and contents. Several design projects obtained many prestigious prizes and acknowledgements and they continue to be displayed in permanent exhibitions like the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) of New York and Triennale of Milan. Today the working sectors are: Industrial Design, Architecture & Exhibit and Communication Design. Makio Hasuike The figure of Makio Hasuike stands out in contemporary design. His work is far from being considered a mere auto-celebrating mannerism expression and instead search for innovation through the ability to look beyond and ahead leading to answers to current and future desires. Graduating from the “University of Arts of Tokyo” in 1962 Makio Hasuike begIn his career in Japan. He works one year as a designer for Seiko, designing 20 different clocks for the Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo in 1964. Since 1963 he establishes himself in Italy working in different fields of design. In 1968 he founds his own studio in Milan, Makio Hasuike Design. Makio Hasuike, member of the founding committee of the Master in Strategic Design at the Polytechnic of Milan, has been often invited to be part of the jury of international design competitions. In 2016, Makio Hasuike won the “Compasso d’Oro” award for his career and for his 50 years in Italy.

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