SIN.EQRPT868XT is a sinapsitech℗ repeater able to acquire the signal from one or more communicating meters according to the wireless M-Bus standard (868 and 169) and retransmitting the received data to a network of other sinapsitech℗ devices, in order to extend their wireless range. Data can be also collected by the SIN.EQRTU1T datalogger. Each RPT handles up to 500 mt and it is able to cover a distance of 500 meters in open air and 25 meters in building. The plastic case, from the simple and elegant design, the electrical connections fully retractable, antennas built into the device itself make the repeater suitable for wall installations in view. The commissioning of sinapsitech℗ repeaters is facilitated by the supplied software and LEDs to represent the intensity of the signal, also the search for the best point of installation is facilitated by the ability to power the device via USB making it possible to move during the search of better compromise signal/distance.

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