SIMLEAD Slides with Push-Open/Soft-Close

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SIMLEAD Slides with Push-Open/Soft-Close
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SIMLEAD Slides with Push-Open/Soft-Close
Marathon Hardware
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Marathon introduces the SIMLEAD Drawer System by King Slide. This drawer slide is the world's first fully integrated Push-Open and Soft-Close system. With advanced safety features such as the Vibration Safety Device (VSD) and the On/Off Push-Open Switch, this product brings unique and innovative features to millwork applications.

Three Innovations are demonstrated:

1. Vibration Safety Device (VSD)

• Drawer prevented from popping out under accidental shaking or vibration

• Earthquake-proof and motion safe design ideal for use in Recreational Vehicles

2. Ever-Active Push-Open

• Drawer can be push-opened from a closed or any partially-opened position and smoothly soft-closed without fear of bounce-back

• Fully mechanized push to open soft close with no additional electronic add-on required

3. Switchable Push Open

• Push open function can be disabled by customer. Drawer becomes soft-close only

• Architects and customers can adjust the product function based on their needs

• Ideal application for child-safe installations or use in institutional applications, where safety is critical and liability a factor

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