Shingles by Thermory
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Shingles by Thermory
Revêtement de façade
Revêtement en bois
Revêtement mural
Panneaux muraux et bardages
Bois, Ash
Panneaux décoratifs

Thermory Shingles, with its resawn surface, is a trendy way to add texture to your interior or exterior walls. Intense thermal modification increases the wood’s dimensional stability and durability while bringing out its natural beauty. Like all Thermory products, the shingles will naturally grey over time, bringing a uniquely elegant tone to your design.

Choose individual shingles or shingle panels for your wallcovering. Shingle panels S2-E are easily installed with PaCS®, offering a superior solution with a complex aesthetic. Shingle panels S2BBME and S2-BBMS combine Thermory Ash shingles on Baltic birch plywood with a vapor-permeable roof membrane. These panels have a tongue-and-groove fitting and can be nailed onto joists or flat surfaces with ease. Both designs are available with even and staggered options.

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