ShadeVolume "The Kelvin Series"

Merel Karhof
ShadeVolume "The Kelvin Series"
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ShadeVolume "The Kelvin Series"
Merel Karhof and Marc Trotereau
Merel Karhof
United Kingdom
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ShadeVolume: ‘The Kelvin Series’are enlightened Totems in a gradient from red to blue. The gradient on the Totems is reproducing the kelvin colour chart, which is obtained using ordinary light bulbs with various colour temperatures. It results in a surprising variety of colours that celebrate the daily natural and artificial lights surrounding us.

‘ShadeVolume’ is a lighting collection inspired by the classic lampshade. By combining and deforming this familiar object, the project explores a new language of lighting.


Trotereau and Karhof developed a simple system that gives the possibility to link lampshades together: with few generic shapes, it allows to make endless combinations of lamps. The principle gives the opportunity to develop single products and, as well, large scale bespoke installations.

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