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Marc Trotereau and Merel Karhof
Merel Karhof
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Designers Marc Trotereau and Merel Karhof proudly present ‘ShadeVolume: a lighting collection inspired by the classic lampshade. By combining and deforming this familiar object, it explores a new language of lighting.

Lampshades may appear trivial and common in our daily life but the principle of this unnoticed object is an interesting way to redefine the light around us.


Trotereau and Karhof developed a simple system that gives the possibility to link lampshades together, with few generic shapes, it allows to make endless combinations of lamps. The principle gives the opportunity to develop single products, and as well large scale bespoke installations.


In 2017 they exhibited during London Design Festival a 4m20 high bright pink totem, which was installed in the staircase of a Victorian listed building in South-Kensington. And for Future Heritage at Decorex International, they made a forest of Totems which where slowly revolving, giving it a hypnotising

This year they presented in Milan ‘The Kelvin Series’ five enlightened Totems in a gradient from red to blue. The gradient on the Totems is reproducing the kelvin colour chart, which is obtained using ordinary light bulbs with various colour temperatures. It results in a surprising variety of colours that celebrate the daily natural and artificial lights surrounding us.

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