Screen Enclosures Lateral Panels

Screen Enclosures Lateral Panels
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Screen Enclosures Lateral Panels
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Located at the southern most corner of Battery Park, right on the water's edge, lies a Manhattan oasis called Battery Gardens - a luxury restaurant with sweeping panoramic views of glorious New York Harbor, including The Statue of Liberty and historic Ellis Island.

Battery Gardens is a luxury restaurant in Manhattan New York, and LITRA work for this restaurant a special enclosures system called Screen Enclosures. Thanks our screen enclosures we able to realize an insulated room with an innovative transparent system. LITRA screen enclosures can be install or remove when you want (is very easy to install or remove). In the winter, you can install our screen enclosures for protecting your customers, in summer you can remove it for enjoying the sun.

official Battery Gardens Reference by LITRA

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