Renovation of wooden floors

Renovation of wooden floors
Nom du produit
Renovation of wooden floors
Parquet en bois
Parquet en bois massif et Parquet en bois d'ingénierie

Bringing out the beauty of floors, including their maintenance and renovation, is our mission.
A precious resource like wood must be preserved as much as possible.
The innovative system for the restoration of wooden floors comes from the combination of abrasives, machines and paints all produced internally.
We are able to restore an aesthetically and functionally renewed surface, with a sustainable environmental impact, as an alternative to the classic replacement.
The anti-dust sanding and water-based coatings make the system suitable for use in public and private structures even during their regular activity.
For problems such as stains, scratches and wear, or simply the desire for a change of look & design, they can be the eco-sustainable answer to the creativity of architects and interior designers who can range between different styles and therefore be inspired by Bona Inspiration.

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