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From intelligent lighting to intelligent control: LEDs and DALI technology have paved the way for the digitalisation of lighting management. Each single unit is part of a control system that defines levels of illumination, switch-on, dimming, colour temperature variation and switch-off. A Bluetooth-DALI interface means that it is now possible to manage the system directly from a smartphone using the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol and a special App developed by iGuzzini. The BLE-WiFi interface extends management even to remote, online or smartphone control. Simple, quick, affordable and suitable for everyone: lighting control is increasingly smarter.

• Quick BLE uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology. It is a smart lighting management system suitable for small and medium systems alike.
• To use it, simply download the Smart Light Control App available on Google Play and App Store to your smartphone/tablet.
• The App works in combination with the 3 types of BLE-DALI interface (for indoor and outdoor systems alike) where standard DALI lighting devices are connected.
• A BLE-WiFi bridge component makes it possible to manage the system by exploiting the range of action of a local Wi-Fi network or remotely through an IP address.
• All the various programming configurations, scenarios, groups created and user profiles are saved in cloud space to ensure that a system backup is always available.

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