poLyChro®-intérieur by KEIMFARBEN

poLyChro®-intérieur by KEIMFARBEN
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poLyChro®-intérieur by KEIMFARBEN
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poLyChro®-inte´rieur is the original Le Corbusier paint – a particularly high-class, rich in colour, velvet-matt interior paint on mineral base. Exclusively manufactured in absolutely unique colour shades according to master Le Corbusier‘s colour keyboards and quality-monitored to the principles of Les Couleurs Suisse AG representing the Fondation Le Corbusier in Paris.

Le Corbusier doubtlessly was one of the most important and influential architects of the 20th century. From his profound understanding of being an artist, Le Corbusier developed the first colour range consisting of 43 architectural colours in twelve sentiments with picturesque names such as space, sky, velvet, and sand, in 1931. In 1959, he added another 20 deep, dynamic shades: bright colourful nuances, strong earthy colours and deep black. Le Corbusier`s choice of colours was subjective – he selected colours from nature, with a historic, artistic and associative background. This is probably exactly why both collections stand out as being uniquely aesthetic as beautiful, strong and modern as ever even decades later. All shades of the colour keyboards can be harmoniously combined.

Le Corbusier`s 63 masterful colours, implemented in colour recipes of unique quality – that`s poLyChro®, Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier by KEIM. poLyChro® is the perfect symbiosis of a matt, velvety surface with a fascinating depth of colour. It offers colours that are full of life, hugely intensive and yet reservedly elegant. poLyChro® – Le Corbusier`s colours are

• fascinating with a matt, velvety surface • inspiring with unimagined colour depth • create timeless elegance • produced in skilled workmanship using purest colour pigments • also environmentally compatible, permeable and healthy.

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