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MY SHADE Pergola is a shade structure that can be a standalone element inside a garden or adjacent to a house, or it can be joined with MY LEISURE pavilion. It can also contain the MY COUISINE summer kitchen. The roof can be provided with glass panels for protection against rain, or with fabric canopy or climber plants of your choice for shade.

The MY SHADE pergola consists of galvanized and powder coated steel structure covered with polyester fronts, wooden battens binding both sides, and wooden floor. Apart from the size of your pergola you can also choose the colour of the fronts. Both, battens and the floor are made of high quality wood, resistant to bad weather conditions and mechanical damage and thus especially suitable for outdoor environment.


Nowadays we are noticing growing changes in people's lifestyles that call for new forms of dwelling. The space is becoming more and more valuable and residential architecture is rapidly changing, from building classic family houses to making smaller prefabricated residence buildings that are thoughtfully designed, made of excellent contemporary materials and have much greater connection to nature surrounding it. In such spaces the quality of life improves immensely.

In COODO, contemporary living , a young architectural office, we are aware of both, spatial problems and current trends and we want to be active participants in improving existing standards of living by using modern design, innovative solutions and contemporary materials in our practice. We have developed a group of modular units that combine all the qualities stated above with total modularity and compatibility. We think our modular units are the anwser to the high standards that modern society has regarding to its living in terms of visual appearance and functionality.

All of our units were designed with a special consideration to the possibility of placing them in different surroundings (from natural scenes to different landscapes and architectural environments), different climates and allowing the buyers to customize them according to their own needs and wishes. The group of our modular units consists of multifunctional pavilion, pergola, summer kitchen, mobile living units and residential building. The buyer can personalize his unit, among other, by choosing the the facade material, its colour and texture . The units are therefore named MY - MY CUISINE summer kitchen, MY SHADE pergola, MY LEISURE pavilion, MY VACATION mobile living unit and MY HOME residential building.

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