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Barovier&Toso presents the new Padma lamp: contemporary elegance as a tribute to a vision that brings together past, present and future.

Barovier&Toso presents Padma, a new collection of table and suspension lamps.
The name means “lotus” in Sanskrit, an aquatic plant of very ancient origin, whose flower is the inspiration for the design. A symbol of elegance, purity and grace in the classical literature of many Asian cultures, the lotus has very special characteristics: it is the only flower, for example, that when it blossoms already contains its fruit with fully developed seeds, conceptually representing an intrinsic unity between cause and effect, the individual and the whole.

Reinterpreting this feature, Padma has been invented and designed to express harmony, a synthesis of parts, a synergy of contrasts.

First of all, the balance of innovation and tradition, through the relationship between design and techniques of workmanship, drawing on the company’s heritage of know-how. The link exists in a new approach to those techniques, reinterpreted and utilized to give rise to a captivating contemporary aesthetic. 

Another relationship that is investigated and developed in Padma is the one between exterior and interior: unusual mixtures generate an evocative dialogue between parts nestled one inside the other, different in form, hue, workmanship, but forcefully connected by the design of the object. 

The lamp is made entirely of Venetian Crystal, blown and shaped by hand by master glassmakers, and it is composed of three parts: an external diffuser made with the shaded encalmo technique, a “fruit” enclosed by it, with a precious ribbed effect, and a final element that completes the composition, evoking Venetian overtones.

The external ampoule has a very clean design, made in a single blowing, and a gradually shaded colour, in white or grey, produced by the skilful gesture of the artisan. The other parts, finely crafted with the typical Murano ribbing technique, have complex, sophisticated forms whose cross-section resembles the beautiful petals of an open lotus flower.

A very lively and variegated chromatic palette has been chosen for these features, taking its cue – again in this case – from the flower and the symbolism of its colours: it shifts from white to citron, aquamarine, rose, for a total of 7 different versions.
The light source is a 10W LED, ready for use with a dimmer. It has been specially developed for this product, to emphasize its aesthetic characteristics and to provide soft, adjustable ambient light.

Padma comes in 3 different table models and 4 suspension lamps. They also include a clustered version with 3 diffusers and 3 light sources.

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