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Because of the change from the summer to winter time, it is getting darker earlier, and as a result, we spend more time at home. It is good to choose appropriate lamps that brighten up the space, look elegant, and create a special atmosphere. The Organic series from Nowodvorski Lighting is an example of a perfect connection of modern design with practical functionality.

The unique climate of a house can be sensed at the entrance. When we open the door, we can see a private space that is a reflection of people’s lives. The first thing we notice is the hall, where there may be a beautiful wardrobe, coatrack, stylish mirror, or a collection of family photos. Since it is usually a small room without access to natural light, the appropriate lighting plays a key role. It is worth choosing ceiling lamps that look modern and fresh and give the amount of light that is needed.


The Organic series from Nowodvorski Lighting is for people who appreciate minimalism, beauty, and functionality. Original plafons with aerodynamic shape attract attention without taking too much space. That is why they will do great in the hall, corridor and also teenager’s room.


Inimitable design is inspired by nature, and the shape of lamps refers to the form of stone. It is also worth noticing that lamps are marked by high quality. They are made of elegant, painted steel in a black and white version. All those qualities give them a minimalistic character.


 In the offer of Nowodvorski Lighting, there are both the lamps with a single light source (Organic Black I and Organic White I) and with three light sources (Organic Black III and Organic White III). That’s why it is possible to adjust the kind of lighting to the size of the room, providing a well-visibility without glare. The diameter of lamps with a single light source amounts to 20,5 cm, and their height is only 2,75 cm. Lamps Organic Black III and Organic White III have the same height, but their diameter is 39,5 cm.


Nowodvorski Lighting also provides the availability of interchangeable light sources for lamps from the Organic series- BULB GX53 LED 8W, with beam angle 120 degrees, CRI 80, and colour temperature 3000K or 4000K. The organic series is a unique offer for people who appreciate minimalism and timeless design.

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