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Odyssey Collections
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Odyssey Collections
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Crosta Collection

ODYSSEY introduces its first collection of facade and vertical surfaces,CROSTA (Italian, derived from Latin Crusta meaning Crust. Signifies Surface or Skin).Developed in-house, the collection primarily uses Indian sandstone and granite, and is manufactured with the help of CNC milling and water-jet techniques. This multi-dimensional collection has been designed, keeping in mind the dynamic play of shadows on stone. The pattern and materials that are selected for the collection help in bringing out the beauty of the stone dimensionalityand aid in enhancing the interior and/or of any built form. Designer: Ruchika Grover Uses: Interior and Exterior Technical specification: CNC milled Dimension: Can be customized Recommended Installation procedure: Dry cladding directly on civil structure using SS clamps and Hilti fasteners. Alternatively anchorage system with aluminum tracks can also be used.

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