Nice Air touchless transmitter

Nice S.p.A.
Nice Air touchless transmitter

With Air, the touchless wall-mounted control system by Nice, automations can be managed with a simple gesture. With its essential refined design, Air is the perfect solution in all contexts requiring use of gloves, or where hands cannot be used, such as medical or sterile environments, restaurant and hotel kitchens, or other commercial contexts. Air is also the ideal choice for anyone wishing to add an elegant modern touch to their home or office. With Nice, interacting with automations couldn't be easier: awnings, blinds or roller shutters can be adjusted by a simple gesture of the hand, without touching the device. A sensor detects the presence of the hand, an LED flashes to confirm recognition of the gesture and the command is transformed into movement. Radio transmission, battery power and energy efficiency make Air convenient to install anywhere on the wall, with no need of any building work.

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