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David Trubridge
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Lampes de plafond

Our new light Navicula will be officially released to market at Euroluce. It is inspired by diatoms which are microscopic creatures that live in water everywhere. Individually their size makes them seem insignificant, but en masse they are a vital part of the global environment. Diatoms are at the base of the entire oceanic food chain. They take more carbon out of the atmosphere than all the world’s tropical rainforests. Through photosynthesis they liberate enough oxygen for our every fifth breath. And almost as a bonus they are stunningly beautiful. Navicula is as much sculpture as an illuminator. It has a clever way of appearing to change its form as one moves past it and it has an innate sense of movement.

The flowing, segmented form is shipped partially assembled for easier completion on site with push-in nylon clips. The thin curved pieces of CNC-cut bamboo plywood create a skin-like structure that encapsulates an internal lighting bar. This has a row of LED pin-point lights which can be connected to a dimmer.

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