Murals Blend


Seamless interiors, where architecture and ceramics come together in perfect synergy; this is the essence of Murals. This dynamic wall tiles collection comprises layers of carefully composed colours, formats, finishes, and textures, designed to coexist in harmony. At once subtle and extraordinary, t

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Murals Blend

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Carreaux de mur en céramique

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Céramique, Ceramic
Gamme de gris
Fourchette rouge
Fourchette jaune
Gamme bleue
La gamme des bruns
Gamme blanche



Seamless interiors, where architecture and ceramics come together in perfect synergy; this is the essence of Murals. This dynamic wall tiles collection comprises layers of carefully composed colours, formats, finishes, and textures, designed to coexist in harmony. At once subtle and extraordinary, the transformative power of Murals lies in its ability to secure pure design freedom and material authenticity, while perfectly complementing a project’s architecture.

The four series of tiles that make up Murals - Blend, Fuse, Change, and Lines - draw on the same principles, but each one is clearly distinct. Blend works with colour blocking and different tones; Fuse plays with impressions of movement through subtle colour gradations; Change makes the most of colour and glazing combinations; and Lines uses a surface’s geometric structure. Together, they create a versatile and invaluable toolbox, readily available at the designer’s whim.


Mix and match uni-colour tiles to create a balanced and vibrant surface with Murals’ Blend series. Created as a compilation of different hues, gloss finishes, and formats, this ceramic tile series is the perfect tool to achieve an almost shimmering three-dimensional wall look. The grid and colour choice define the design’s nature. This way, Blend offers an infinite array of design options, ranging from the most subtle to the most highly expressive.

The Murals Blend series comprises stone matt and glossy tiles in ten colour groups. All colour groups are designed to sit together in harmony and each consists of four tones from the same colour family. Blend tiles also come in a variety of formats.


Transforming architectural surfaces into vibrant works of art, the Murals Fuse series is lively and interactive, bringing the user to the centre of the spatial experience. These playful tiles are designed to give the impression of subtly changing their appearance, depending on the user’s perception. Fuse produces a fluid and animated effect, which means that each composition can integrate smoothly and flexibly into its surroundings.

With Murals Fuse, soft colour gradations and the use of different tone variations almost imperceptibly create the illusion of movement in a truly dynamic, contemporary surface. Fuse offers a choice from a range of colours and tile formats, ready to adapt to any design through countless configurations, to match from the more subtle styles to the more pronounced. Fuse tiles feel exquisitely handmade, encouraging the eye to merge colour gradations. Based on the Murals Blend's pallet, Fuse colours can be combined in an infinite number of different ways. 


A series that truly celebrates the impact of the glazing process, Murals Change is the perfect showcase of the power of the authentic ceramic surface. A thick layer of glaze splits each Change tile into two distinct territories. The shape of these differently-glazed areas varies between individual tiles, making for a playful overall result. When used to tile a wall, this series makes for a particularly dynamic effect.

Murals Change consists of several colours. These are available in gloss/stone matt and stone matt/stone matt glaze combinations. Used together, these options have the power to bring unparalleled depth and energy to every composition, while also drawing on the intensity and angle of the light in the space.


Making the most out of the craft behind modern ceramic reliefs, Murals Lines is carefully designed to create monochrome surfaces that stand out through their geometric composition. The individual tiles’ sleek, asymmetric features have been specially conceived to produce a dynamic interplay of light and shadow on walls. The reliefs’ pattern varies from tile to tile, resulting in diverse arrangements to suit any design.


The Murals Lines series offers a range of colours to choose from: from bright white to dark anthracite. All colours are available in the same stone matt glaze, ensuring they are perfectly in tune for the highest impact, while being ideal for colour blocking. The white version also comes in a glossy glazed variation.

Each of the four Murals series - Blend, Fuse, Change and Lines - has its own, unique identity; but they can also work together as a perfectly harmonized whole, to form unexpected patterns and combinations when mixed. This provides the user with a truly indispensable, versatile, and rich toolbox. Murals offers a clever ceramics palette that is truly befitting a designer’s creative flair.

Pattern Generator

Mosa’s Pattern Generator is the perfect device to create design variations for ceramic surfaces. Once a pattern is chosen, this handy tool calculates the exact number of tiles required. It also automatically generates a working drawing with instructions for the tiler. Freely available online, the Pattern Generator offers a range of formats, grids, textures, and colours. It can also export the design to 2D and 3D software ensuring a smooth design process.

Murals and the Pattern Generator

Murals finds its perfect partner in the Pattern Generator. This is a tile collection that celebrates the power of playfulness, choice, and adaptability, offering numerous options for highly-inspirational tile surfaces to fit any style. Created as a tool that allows for creative freedom and that helps designers bring their ideas to life, the Pattern Generator is the ideal companion in exploring the world of ceramics through Murals. 

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