MOSO Flexbamboo

MOSO Flexbamboo is the name for flexible bamboo: instead of glueing & pressing bamboo strips, the strips are connected by a fabric on the backside. In this way, beautiful (curved) surfaces can be created. Flexbamboo is an economical, aesthetical and healthy finishing material that can be used on flooring, walls, ceilings, cabinets or furniture. For flooring applications a latex backing is applied which makes it very comfortable to walk on while reducing contact noise.

There are two different styles: solid strip and veneered strip. Flexbamboo comes in rolls and is finished with a high quality UV cured oil (SAICOS®) in seven trendy colours. On demand any other colour can be applied and even custom sizes are possible – fitting the exact customer’s need. Because of the flexibility, prefinishing, custom sizes and low thickness Flexbamboo can be easily installed saving costs and time.

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