MOSO Bamboo Solid Panel
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MOSO Bamboo Solid Panel
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The MOSO Bamboo Solid Panel is a visually appealing board product made for 100% from the sustainable giant bamboo species MOSO. The panels consist of various layers – ranging from 1 to 5 layers - of bamboo, pressed on top of each other. These panels are especially interesting in those applications where the appealing side of the panel remains visible, such as staircases, furniture and kitchens.

MOSO Bamboo Solid Panels are available in various sizes (2440x1220 mm, 3000 x 700 mm), thickness (16 - 40 mm), configurations (1 – 5 layers), colours (natural, caramel, chocolate) & styles (side pressed, plain pressed, compressed) to provide a tailor made solution for everyone. Furthermore, on request MOSO Bamboo Solid Panels can be supplied with FSC-label and formaldehyde free adhesive (E0 norm).

Key characteristics of MOSO Bamboo Solid Panel:

-Sustainable, ecological and highly renewable | The giant bamboo species MOSO grows to maturity within 5 years (compared to over 50 years for most hardwood species) and can therefore act as the green alternative for scarce tropical hardwood

-Hard, stable & durable | with a hardness, density and dimensional stability similar or better than good quality hardwoods

-CO2 neutral | Through the fast growing process a large amount of CO2 is fixated which more than compensates for CO2 released during production

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