MOSO Bamboo Solid Beam
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MOSO Bamboo Solid Beam
MOSO Bamboo Products
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With the introduction of the MOSO bamboo solid beam, bamboo can now also be applied in several (semi) structural applications such as window- and doorframes, where typically (expensive) scarce tropical hardwood is used. Unlike hardwood, the MOSO bamboo solid beam is a very regular material in terms of stability and structure (no knots, no resins coming out) and is therefore easy to process. The maximum length of the beam is 2440mm but by using finger joints any length can be created. The MOSO beams are available in the colours caramel and natural, in both the extra hard high density version (tropical hardwood look - random line pattern) and the side/plain pressed version (regular line pattern with bamboo nodes visible). Especially in the latter version, due to the construction in various layers, very beautiful line patterns come out after milling.

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