Methacrylate reinforced with fiberglass Measurements: diameter 2300 mm, depth 850 mm, h free standing version 1045 mm, h built-in version 200 mm Available in a built-in version or free standing. Standard accessories include hydromassage, hydrocolour, water-heating system and seating room for 5/6 people.

Minipool is the first overflowing rim mini-pool in a free-standing version: an internal tank guarantees constant filling and automatic return of the water. Perfectly round in shape it also comes in a built-in version.

Its absolute geometrics give it a sculptured look, its hollowed base makes it look like a shape suspended in space. The large band around the edge blends with the surface of the water. The built-in version is slighter higher than ground level, giving it an unusual ring frame.

Thought up for outdoors, this new space ready to be investigated and redesigned with flexibility and a wealth of formal, colour and material variants, Minipool takes exceptional comfort and the award-winning Kos quality outside.

Fitted with a circular bench for up to 6 people, Minipool is a miniature new living area for relaxing and regeneration, playful sharing.

Hydromassage, hydrocolour with underwater LED spots and a system for heating the water all guarantee total wellbeing for the senses.

Minipool in fact has a hydromassage system that adapts to suit the users’ needs. The intensity of massage and direction of the jets can all be regulated. Each nozzle can be adjusted individually to give different kinds of flow: linear, rotating, soft or rapid.

In order to enter the tub you can choose between an essential small ladder in metal and wood or a larger footboard with deck, in wood.

With Minipool, Kos once again discovers new frontiers, guaranteeing great ease of use and fabulous looks

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