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Awning cum parasol with the right twist The markilux planet: Swivelling combination of awning and parasol

When looking for the right shading solution you very often ask yourself: awning or parasol? The new awning cum parasol "planet" from the manufacturer of solar protection solutions markilux now offers both in a single unit. It combines the advantages of an awning with the lightweight and free-standing appearance of a parasol. It is available in two variants: fixed and able to swivel by an impressive 335 degrees. With either system it is possible to shade an area of 18 square metres. The new awning parasol is aimed mainly at al fresco catering applications but is also ideal for providing areas of shade in the garden and on large patios. The awning world is showing its modern freestyle attitude with the awning cum parasol "planet". Fixed on a slightly reclining post to a cross bar of the markilux syncra system, the awning housing and the extended fabric of this awning cum parasol literally seem to float in the air, yet this new solar protection system is able to prove that it is extremely sturdy: it has to be anchored to a solid concrete foundation. "The axis of the post, which is inclined by ten degrees, offers particular stability to the system", says Sven Kröner from markilux's R&D department. “The centre of gravity of the axis is thus ideally aligned with the stable base plate”, he goes on to say. The markilux planet is available in a fixed “Fix” variant and a “Flex” variant that can be swivelled by 335 degrees. Adjustable swivel angle A mechanical stop in the base prevents the maximum rotation angle from being exceeded. Sven Kröner explains: "This is especially important when the planet is electrically operated, as this protects the electric power supply cable from becoming excessively twisted." The cable runs right down the middle of the load-bearing post. It is important, therefore, to bear in mind during installation on site that cables for a motor-driven unit must be so positioned in the concrete base that they really do finish in the centre of the base of the post. The rotation angle of the planet can be set in 30 degree steps using a spring-loaded handle and fixed in place using the locking bolt in the base. With a width of up to six metres and a projection of up to three metres, or a width of up to five metres and a maximum projection of three and a half metres, a full 18 square metres can be protected from the sun, either in the garden or on the patio. However, especially when used for al fresco catering solutions, the awning cum parasol offers very generous and above all flexible shading of seated areas, says markilux. Can be combined with many markilux awnings Almost all the folding-arm awnings from the markilux range can be fitted to the cross member of the planet, entirely according to your wishes. A radio-controlled motor drive offers comfortable and safe operation. All load-bearing components are made of robust, powder-coated aluminium or steel. The awning cum parasol is available in three standard RAL colours and four classy Lounge colours. The "markilux collection" of awning fabrics offers you even more colour to choose from.

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