Marchewka floorboard

Marchewka floorboard
Nom du produit
Marchewka floorboard
Parquet en bois
Parquet en bois d'ingénierie

Extremely stable and durable board made in layer gluing technology with unparalleled parameters. Depending on the species of wood, the length of the board is up to 9 meters and its width up to 35 cm! Boards, regardless of the type of wood, all are adapted for underfloor heating.

Marchewka floorboard is a layered board and its outer layer of solid wood is 5 mm. In the lower part there is a hard, selected birch plywood with a thickness of 15 mm, which is a stabilizing layer. The floor is prepared on an individual order according to rooms and board arrangement designs, always based on a prepared sample of the board.

Individual boards are joined together in width to form one large monolith. All boards have natural, healthy knots. The customer always has a choice of many wood finishing options: oiling, varnishing, staining, brushing, patination. During installation, the boards are aesthetically combined with other materials - tiles or stone, without the use of cork or masking strips.

In addition to standard, commonly known types of wood, we particularly recommend thermo ash, hornbeam, sycamore and smoked red oak – visible in pictures.

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