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Parquet en bois
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Marble Wood (also known as “dead standing” or “dying tree”) is wood obtained from trees that are still perfectly intact from the point of view of the structure, but they are no longer living and would therefore be destined to become a "waste" in the ecosystem. Identifying them and recovering them for the production of floors allows not only a useful "cleaning" of the forest, but also to save living and vigorous plants from cutting. Marble Wood is also very interesting for its chromatic work that derives from this particular combination that sees a plant empty of its vital lymph, still standing in its original upright position, according to the rhythms established by the climatic conditions in which it is found. The concentration of pigments and the chromatic intensity are arranged in a unique way, due to the logic of temperatures, humidity and seasonality: when the trunk is cut, they create patterns that are real “fingerprints”.

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