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When the weather is great, afternoon coffee with friends in the garden becomes a long meeting, and a need to read only a few pages of a book on the balcony becomes a sleepless night. In such situations, the only dusk can remind us about the passage of time. If you want to prolong those great moments in the garden or on the balcony, then Nowodvorski Lighting has an offer for you-wireless lamps from the MAHE LED collection.

Novelty in Nowodvorski Lighting offer- the MAHE LED collection consists of aluminum lamps in the white or black colour version, combining a classic form with modern technological solutions. MAHE LED is a simple and minimalistic portable lamp powered by a battery. That's why it is easy to charge them with an attached micro USB charger. We can fully charge a lamp that provides lighting for 9 hours nonstop. Lamps from the MAHE LED collection are a wonderful alternative for traditional outdoor lighting. You can use them in places with difficult access to the light source, for example, a small balcony or peaceful garden arbour.  We can locate MAHE LED wherever we want due to its dimensions( 37 cm of height and 10,5 cm of width) and weight (~1kg). Lamps from this collection will look perfectly on a garden table, windowsill, rock wall, or blanket.

MAHE LED emits a nice, neutral light with colour temperature of 3000K, typical for domestic spaces. In combination with wireless form, it lets to create the warmth of the interior outside the house. Simple and minimalistic design, convenient touch switch, and dimmer make MAHE LED perfect for bedrooms and living rooms- always close at hand. 

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