Living Green Walls

Modular, self-irrigating and ecological system of indoor greenery.


Productivity, focus, and health are essential ingredients for success. PlantBox® or Biotile® living walls bring with them all the benefits of green in the workplace. Multiplied a hundredfold. We spend over 90% of our time indoors in what we consider an "unnatural" environment. That's why we need to enrich it. 

As with all our products, living walls can be combined and connected freely with all our systems.


Recent research has shown that 94% of employees see their work environment as a reflection of their value to their employer, but only 39% feel that the space was designed with their needs in mind.

Our living walls are designed to breathe life into the walls and the walls in turn into their surroundings. It doesn't matter how big, because the entire system is completely modular.


Green wall will differentiate you and your brand. A living wall is a clear message to your customers, employees and partners.

Discover the impact vertical gardens have on your store customers and how they can help you with the most difficult task - a space where people love to come back.

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