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The project was developed for the needs of ATÖLYE after observing that the workspace needed a low-power, minimalist desk lighting unit. After researching the market, it was evident that there were either low-quality local options with limited range of use, or expensive import options that could not be used at scale. As a result, a collaborative design process started between ATÖLYE’s core team and Buşra Tunç.

Early on in the process, ATOLYE’s members were engaged in the brainstorming and ideation phases. Scenarios were mapped to better understand all the contexts in which LIMINAL could illuminate its surroundings. By careful analysis, idea variations such as ceiling lighting, battery-powered system, kelvin-changing LED system and smartphone controls were eliminated for the first batch of production.

A truly transdisciplinary endeavor, this project employed skills ranging from product design to technology, strategy to graphics, from user experience and electronics. Numerous local craftsmen contributed to design and prototyping, along with collaborators with expertise in video documentation, patent applications and mechatronics. As a result, a unique product with the following properties emerged.

Minimalist: LIMINAL draws its inspiration from a single line. It is a lighting unit with a plain form and a compact design. With its foldable body, LIMINAL can be easily packaged, taking minimum space.


Adaptable: LIMINAL provides more than a dozen scenarios via its rotatable joints, serving as a desk lamp, wall sconce or a ceiling pendant. Diffuse LED lights are placed on two surfaces, with multiple switch outputs. Aside from its form, future features such as dimming and color temperature shifting increase its range of use.

Robust structure: LIMINAL is made out of solid, high-caliber aluminium blocks that are CNC-milled and refined with traditional manufacturing methods such as metal lathe. The design includes custom designed, patent-pending, 270 degree rotatable stainless steel joints.


Refined craftsmanship: LIMINAL was conceived in partnership with local artisans. All of the prototyping process was conducted with craftsmen in the vicinity of the design studio, enabling rapid iteration and a detail-driven product development.

The product is within the lighting accessory range of CNVS, a furniture design venture focusing on new generation workspaces. LIMINAL was debuted for the first time in Milano Design Week 2016 and was launched globally on Kickstarter in October 2016, reaching a global fund support of $31,000. Currently, the product is in fabrication and will be delivered by mid- to late 2017 to more than 150 believers worldwide.

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