Large Room Dividing Doors

Large Room Dividing Doors
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Large Room Dividing Doors
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Xanita's lightweight, architectural flush panel door blanks are panel-pressed in South Africa and Australia and distributed to leading door manufacturers.

Door sizes can be easily made up to 1500mm wide x 3600mm in height and any size in between.

Xanita doors represent an elegant alternative to heavyweight, solid-core doors and are multiple times stronger than cheap, hollow-core doors. Xanita's core is now Green Tag Certified for Green Star Building project calculator points.

Our door blanks are commonly press-laminated with 90mm wide pine or hardboard rails and stiles, along with the following decorative skin surfaces on both sides:

4.75mm E-Zero Raw MDF (paint-ready) 4.75mm Timber-Veneered MDF (your specification) 4.75mm High-Pressure Laminated MDF 6mm Hoop Pine Plywood 5mm LETO Solid Bamboo Panels (Narrow grain or strand-woven)

Doors with Xanita core inside are less than half the weight of solid-core doors meaning ergonomically, they open and close more easily.

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