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To mark the centenary of Achille Castiglioni’s birth, CEDIT presents the new edition of the iconic Lapis vase designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1968. With its uniquely expressive yet functional design, Lapis conveys all the genius and intelligent irony typical of the two brothers’ output.


In 1968, CEDIT commissioned Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni to design “ceramic objects for small-scale production”, with the further specification that “the maximum size of each piece should be at the most of the order of 25-30 cm, in both height and width”.


The two designers worked on a family of three vases, identical but in different sizes, with a strikingly original form. The design of the object is apparently irregular, generating a threedimensional form with an outline that changes depending on the observer’s viewpoint: from the front, the piece appears to be a solid, compact rectangular prism, but from the side it is a slender triangle. From the top, its shape is different again, with the circular mouth concealing the tapered body.


Together, the vase and its supporting arc, with their unusual, tripod-like shape, did not resemble anything the ceramics sector had seen before.


The magic of the design of Lapis – as the vase was called, after Achille’s family’s little pet dog – lay in its invention of a masterly form successfully combining opposite concepts: both slender and solid, heavy and light, stable but only apparently unstable, the Castiglioni brother’s vase is an ingenious small solid that plays on the onlooker’s visual perceptions, acquiring a different presence at every glance, so that its outlines, really always the same, appear to be constantly changing Exactly fifty years after the conception of this wonderful design invention, CEDIT has decided to celebrate its partnership with the genius of Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni by issuing an accurately reproduced new edition of Lapis, in its three original sizes and with a colour range that has been updated but is still strongly inspired by the first series. In line with the precise strategy followed since its relaunch, CEDIT pays homage to the culture of design by linking a sublime example of Twentieth Century Italian creativity to that of our own time, as well as beginning its own personal design programme, which intends to draw on its incredible history and its present to produce, not only a range of exquisitely original ceramic slabs, but also ornamental ceramic objects styled by masters from the past and leading figures from the present. With this project, CEDIT underlines once again its connection with the Italian art and design world and its purpose of promoting the country's cultural priceless heritage worldwide.


Specifications: ceramic

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