The ELKA KNX Metering gateway records meters with wM-Bus-, M-Bus-, D0- or S0-interface and passes on these data to the KNX. Here the gateway adopts the role of the M-Bus Master, i.e. it cyclicallyqueries the connected meters at the interfaces and provides these measuring values to the KNX.Depending on the measuring value di& erent dataformats can be set, so e.g. a consumption value ora capacity can be sent to the KNX in common data point formats.Via the integrated web server the data records ofthe meters can be displayed in plain text. The up to20 M-Bus-counters are addressed via an automatics earch.Parameterization of the KNX measuring point gatewayis e& ected via ETS4/ETS5.

The hardware of the gateway consists of a 4-pitch(70 mm) wide DIN-rail mounting housing with 24VDC supply. M-Bus TP is connected via screw terminals,the KNX TP connection is e& ected via bus terminal.For the wirelessM-Bus connection (wM-Bus)a radio antenna is available which can be ordered separately. The D0 telegrams are evaluated via an optical communication head which is connected tothe gateway via a RJ10 interface (not included in thescope of supply).

For two S0 signals a 4-pole plug-in terminal is available.Via the SD-card-slot at the front side measuringdata can be written on a Micro-SD-card (notenclosed in the scope of supply) and can thus beused by the user for further statistics at the PC. Viathe status-LEDs at the front side of the gatewaythe states of the di& erent interfaces are signalizedoptically. The KNX Metering gateway is designed formaintenance-free operation without fan and otherwearing parts.Integration of

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