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Kitchen & Party Carts
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The Kitchen & Party Carts are revolutionary carts that enrich kitchens with technology and functions typical of Michelin-starred restaurants. In this way, homeowners become real-life Executive Chefs for their guests. Every dish will be the result of a shared and engaging experience.

As Sergio Sambonet, the president of the company and the brains behind this project declares: ‘The Kitchen & Party Carts are the highly professional solution brought to a domestic environment to give life to a new concept of hospitality which is informal but unmistakably unique. Where every diner is a pleasing protagonist’

The Kitchen & Party Carts are divided into various lines:

  • Cooking Cart

Carts with which to surprise your guests, cooking wherever you want, indoors or outdoors. Different tops have been devised to satisfy every expectation and need of even the most demanding clients. They are, in fact, available with the following functions: grill/teppanyaki, dual induction cooking top and wok with integrated air suction hood. Furthermore, you can choose from various kits, amongst which are included: a pasta boiler, fryer, steamer and dim sum. The Cooking Cart is available in different finishes allowing maximum personalization, to create the perfect match between your residence and your own personal style. With this efficient and elegant solution which can be used anywhere in the home, a fixed kitchen is no longer indispensable.

  • Special Carts

Carts suited for those wanting to give extra quality to their private events, satisfying even the most specific of needs. A high level of professionality is reached with the Mixology, Wine&Spirits, Beer and Coffee&Tea Carts. Stations such as The Green Egg, Shawarma, Grill and Plancha add a touch of elegance to informal cooking.

  • Warming&Cooling Cart

A cart that permits warm and cold-holding in a single station, depending on the need, to satisfy guests on every occasion. From -3° to 120°C in the click of a button thanks to two electric modules, perfect for a hot aperitivo or a sushi party. A vast range of interchangeable modules with different functions such as chafing dish, food pans, soup terrine etc. is available.

For further personalization of the carts, La Tavola offers various accessories to take events to the next level. As if the standard components weren’t enough, added elements can be requested in order to find the most suitable solution for every need.

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