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Massimo Castagna
Rossana RB s.r.l.
Les cuisines des îles

Despite the identical appearance shared by K-IN and K-OUT, designed by architect Massimo Castagna, their construction criteria are in fact completely different, reflecting their use indoors or outdoors. This one-piece block with its stark profile is exclusively available as an island, in stone or wood, and comes in a variety of configurations, sizes and finishes. The model is raised high off the ground with a marked overhang above the support structures and plinths, resulting in a minimalist, almost primitive appearance. The large sliding tops which cover over the work areas of the kitchen can open in either direction, to transform the shape and size of the monolithic block the kitchen appears as when closed.

These covers turn into snack bars with a striking overhang thanks to the special slide runners. Thanks to a low-voltage system, they can be closed electronically to conceal the internal work surface, containing hobs and downdraft hoods in the indoor version and barbecues in the outdoor one. Although identical in appearance so much so that they blend seamlessly together the two kitchens are built in utterly different ways to reflect the different performance required by their different locations. The indoor version has a wooden structure, while the structure for outdoors is in aluminium. The design aims to ensure the highest levels of modern kitchen quality.

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