IQ window drive - F 1200+

IQ window drive - F 1200+
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IQ window drive - F 1200+
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The F 1200+ has a very powerful geared motor that can turn and tilt even heavy window elements up to 200 kg leaf weight – and it is exceptionally quiet.
• 3 in 1 function: opening, locking, operating function combined in one drive unit
• Powerful geared motor for large, heavy elements up to 200 kg leaf weight
• Intuitive operation for untrained users (hotels, public buildings etc.)
• Proximity sensor and capacitive touch buttons with user feedback via LED display
• Easy commissioning and retrofitting (Retro-Fit)
• Networking with IQ box KNX enables automated ventilation concepts with GEZE NatVent
• Safety concept: incorrect operation ruled out and no inadvertent turn to open possible

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